Congratulations and Shame

When we got engaged last year, I felt pretty good about the gesture that I made to Caitlin. I took her on a vacation, to a nice dinner, gave her a beautiful ring – the whole nine yards.

Thank God that was last year. Prospective husbands, the bar has been raised. Dramatically. And I’m not talking about any of that crazy shit that requires that you recruit a marching band and close off a city street. Let’s be realistic here, boys and girls: not everyone has access to the resources necessary to pull that off. And if you’re thinking about asking someone to marry you and they expect that kind of proposal, well then, you had better get ready for a life of endless stress and/or crushing disappointment. No, what I’m talking about is a singular, individual effort that puts all of us mere romantics to shame. I’m talking, of course, about this:

Actual caption: “I am way beyond excited to announce that I am now engaged to my best friend, the love of my life, and the only girl I would ever ride a dinobot into the sunset with!”

That ridiculously awesome image/caption combo comes from friend of the blog Matt Dye. Matt’s a professional artist and you can check out some of his artwork, including his badass webcomic Pinnacle Island, at Matt Dye Draws. And after you’re done admiring his work, you can hang your head in shame knowing that – no matter how hard you try – you’ll probably never create anything for your significant other that’s half as cool as that picture.

So congratulations, Matt. And thanks for making the rest of us look like chumps, you bastard.

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