The Coward

It was just after sunset when your heart gave out
and I should have been strong enough, but I broke down.
So I buried my last hope and hid my eyes.
I know you deserved better, but this is all I could provide.

We met as liars and thieves,
vagrants on the road.
We grew into a family
in a place we called our own.
But I have betrayed that faith
and left you all alone
because I am a coward
and I look after my own skin.

I needed to lift you up, to break you out,
but I broke down.

I am mastered by my fear, controlled by my emotions,
subject to the wind and the movement of the oceans.
I won’t ask for your forgiveness, it’s your mercy that I need.
For I have always been a coward, as I will always be.

At one point these words were going to be the lyrics for a song but I never wrote the music and now they’ll have to live life as a mostly unread poem.

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