Pop Noir: UPSAHL’s “Stressed” and the Failings of Apple Music

Pop Noir: UPSAHL’s “Stressed” and the Failings of Apple Music

Apple has a long and storied history of copying its competitors (and then pretending that's not what it's doing). Sticking to that business plan, since entering the streaming audio marketplace with Apple Music, the company has made a concentrated effort to mimic what it deems to be the most important aspects of the market leader, Spotify. [...]

The Endless Cycle

It's always something. There's always some new gizmo or updated gadget or impeccable piece of software begging to be purchased and fawned over in all its shiny, fleeting glory. But even if I succumb to the lure of buying a Kindle or updating my iPhone or taking the plunge and buying a PS4 (so that [...]

The Kindle Dilemma

Partly because I'm easily ensnared by shiny new things and partly because I try to be a devout practitioner of efficiency, I'm very tempted to purchase the forthcoming, revamped Amazon Kindle. I've never owned an true e-reader before (though I do own an iPad) and the allure of the Kindle has always been obvious to [...]