The Foul Deluge

Well, shit. (And, as you’ll come to see, I mean that literally.)

So a little rainstorm blew through southeast Michigan a few days ago and, in addition to keeping me from my regularly scheduled blogging output, made an already depressing day that much worse.

Unable to properly funnel the downpour, sewer systems backed up and streets flooded. Water was everywhere. As I drove home, cars were coming back up the highway on-ramps – you know, the opposite way that you would usually go on those things – rather than get stuck in the flooded highway system. The street in front of my house was gridlocked for hours while the street next to my house became a waterway.


That only hints at the excitement and disaster, though. Basements all through the area were flooding. I heard through the grapevine that a house not too far from my own had five feet of water in its basement. Fortunately for Caitlin and I, our situation wasn’t quite so dire. It still looked like a horror movie, though.



And just where was all that swampy, brown water coming from, you ask? Well, I’ve got video of that, too. And – rather unsurprisingly – it’s not particularly pleasant.




And in case you missed our culprit, let me give you that key image again:

Well, shit.
“Well, shit” indeed.

We lost a good amount of stuff to the (disgusting) flood: our tent and sleeping bags, my hockey equipment, 40 or 50 CDs and DVDs, etc. It won’t be fun to replace all that stuff, but at least it can be replaced. The worst losses were those that can’t be quantified or repurchased with insurance money (of which we will, hopefully, get at least a little bit): boxes of Caitlin’s childhood and high school mementos and keepsakes were swept away in the tide. There’s no replacing those things.

So, yeah. It’s not exactly been a great experience.

If for no other reason than to distract myself from the horror show that is my basement, I’ll be trying to get some posts up in the next few days. Writing, as any writer will tell you, can be a therapeutic experience. And I need that right about now. Maybe starting this blog was a better idea than I originally thought.

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