Le Décorateur

It’s been eight and a half months since Caitlin and I bought our house and, admittedly, we’ve been very busy in that span: we adopted Jersey, we got married, we painted, and then the basement flooded. The confluence of all those events meant that we haven’t had a whole lot of time (or, perhaps more importantly, energy) to spend worrying about relatively trivial things like decorating, hanging pictures, and just generally outfitting our new home.

The end result is that our house, which certainly feels like home, doesn’t necessarily feel like ours. Not in the everything-that’s-here-is-here-because-we-picked-it kind of way that I think first time homeowners want. While some of the walls have been painted, for example, most of them are still blank and devoid of artwork or decoration. It would seem that I’m too used to renting to feel like we can do whatever we want in this place without upsetting a landlord or having to undo it all before we move out.

So I, Martha Stewart acolyte that I am, am going to try to get this project going. I am going to decorate. Basically, I’m going to buy and hang artwork and then buy and arrange furniture. I will probably be heartbroken over how expensive this all is. But my plan is to start with the living room and the library. If those rooms can feel done, feel like they’re ours and how we want them to be, I’ll consider this project a success. And then I’ll move on to the next area.

And, in case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic about the Martha Stewart thing. This is going to be a challenge.

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