Destiny Already

I’m a fan of long-form reviews. I think it’s kind of crazy that we ask reviewers of books and albums and games to render a verdict in only few days on art that may have taken its creators months or, more likely, years to create. How could you process all of that information, how could you translate all of that sensory input and emotional reaction in so short a time? It would be extremely difficult. And sometimes you’d get it wrong.

So, as a believer in taking your time to get familiar with a piece of art before you brand it with a numerical ranking or an alphabetical grade, allow me to say: I really want a full review of Bungie’s Destiny already.

I get that the game’s full value can’t be appreciated until its online world is fully populated by real people. I get that. I also get that I kind-of-really-definitely-maybe want to play this game. Like really badly kind-of-really-definitely-maybe. But, being a miser, I don’t want to buy it until I see at least one review stating that it’s worth all the fuss.

So, for once, game reviewers of the world, I’m asking you to hurry it up a bit here. I don’t have forever (well, not literally at least).

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