Who Am I?

I’m a big creative project starter. Songs, stories, blogs, and books (still working on the link for that last one) – at some time or another I’ve started writing all of them. My goal is to finish these projects. Well, at least some of them. Someday. Maybe tomorrow. No need to rush into anything.

In the interim – and as a relative newcomer to the blogosphere – I’ve signed up to participate in WordPress’s Blogging 101 course. Why not add another project to the list?

As the course’s first assignment asks me and my fellow participants to describe who we are and why we’re blogging, I’ll link to the more traditional responses I’ve provided in the past as a good place to start. Those type of answers are, I think, the goal for today’s assignment.

But who am I today? Who am I in the exact and literal present? I am a tired and sunburned concert-goer trying to make it through a long Monday after a weekend in Chicago for RiotFest. That is the more interesting answer to this assignment. And I’ll have more to say about it soon.

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