A Publishing Schedule?

I'm trying something new. Which is really something old. It worked for a while. And then I got tired of it and quit. So here we are again, at the beginning, thinking of starting over. All of that is nonsense unless you're me (which you're not), so let me be more clear: I'm thinking of [...]


The idea of truth serum - a tonic that compels its drinker to speak the truth when questioned - has a long and storied history. So why is it that when I think of truth serum I only ever think of one incarnation of it, the veritaserum of the Harry Potter universe? Oh, that's right. [...]

The Kindle Dilemma

Partly because I'm easily ensnared by shiny new things and partly because I try to be a devout practitioner of efficiency, I'm very tempted to purchase the forthcoming, revamped Amazon Kindle. I've never owned an true e-reader before (though I do own an iPad) and the allure of the Kindle has always been obvious to [...]

Drivel & Dreams

When I came across this review yesterday, I couldn't help but smile. In case you didn't follow that link (which you should), the book being reviewed is Drivel: Deliciously Bad Writing by Your Favorite Authors. It's a collection of early, and decidedly bad, writings from luminaries like Dave Eggers, Chuck Palahniuk, and A.J. Jacobs. Early [...]

Among the Mud People: A Review of Riot Fest Chicago

Among the Mud People: A Review of Riot Fest Chicago

Over the weekend I traveled to Chicago with my friends Matt and Brenda in order to attended all three days of the Riot Fest music festival. The whole weekend, held in the Windy City's Humboldt Park, was a strangely segmented affair and trying to turn all of my thoughts from it into one cohesive piece seems not only painfully [...]

Who Am I?

I'm a big creative project starter. Songs, stories, blogs, and books (still working on the link for that last one) - at some time or another I've started writing all of them. My goal is to finish these projects. Well, at least some of them. Someday. Maybe tomorrow. No need to rush into anything. In the interim - [...]