So Much Writing

Here’s the thing about NaNo. Well, not the thing, since I already talked about that, but another thing. Oh, I did that already, too? How about another another thing? Alright, then. Another another thing it is.

See, as that last paragraph indicates, NaNo makes you kind of crazy. Which I think is counterintuitive. Most people would, I think, suggest that you have to already be crazy to even want to try NaNo. But I just don’t think that’s true. NaNo is a noble goal for anyone who likes to read or write or feel productive or simply try a new project. You don’t have to be crazy to do or like any of those things.

And then you start NaNo. And then you become a crazy person.

Which is where I am now. I feel like all I do is write. Partly because I’m still running this website. And partly because all I do is write. And writing all the time has a way of bleeding into the rest of your life. You find yourself wondering how you would describe something that you saw on the drive to work (this is good), you might consider incorporating one of your friends’ characteristics into one of your characters (this can be flattering), or maybe you even find yourself thinking about what the word count was in that conversation you had with your boss about TPS reports (this is insane).

This is what NaNo does to us.

But stay strong everyone. We’re almost there.

(And 258 words, for those who are wondering.)

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