As you might have noticed, this site’s name and web address have changed. Gone is the bold, all-caps version of my name that used to adorn the homepage and in its place is a new title: Songs & Stories. It’s a name that seems to sum up what this place really focuses on and what I most enjoy discussing here. Why not lean into it with an appropriate title, right?

My personal preferences aside, a name change made sense for a lot of reasons, including but not limited to the fact that new readers will have a hard time finding a website whose title and URL are based on the name of a person that they’ve never heard of. Plus, it seemed awfully ostentatious to have the home screen feature my name in massive, all-caps lettering. (Smaller, thinner all-caps lettering is fine, obviously. I’m not above self-promotion.)

In any case, I’d been considering a name change for a long time and had never been quite ready to finalize the shift until, for no particular reason, I was. And so here we are, back where we started but with a shiny new title. What fun!

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