Shelter in Place, Pt. II: We Can Do Good

If last week’s post got a little dark it’s only because considering the inability of the sitting American president to adequately guide the American people through the COVID-19 pandemic—a failure to do his job resulting from the sheer force of his staggering incompetence and narcissism—is enough to send me into a depressive thought spiral that I, in this case, needed to type my way out of.

I’m trying to think happier thoughts this time around. Of course, the scope of this pandemic, the likes of which I never imagined I’d see in my lifetime, has made it difficult to justify writing album or book reviews or even to find the mental capacity to do so. In the coming weeks, this space may become more and more like a journal as a potentially extended quarantine wears down my ability properly regulate my (self-imposed) blogging responsibilities. I thank you, dear reader, for your patience in these trying times.

As I struggle to write blog posts and, more importantly, do my actual job from home with a toddler in tow, the demands of my career in finance feel overwhelming what with the financial world crumbling into dust and all that. Still, I am reminded through all this, despite my frustration with the situation, of my own good fortune. Even as the financial markets collapse, I have a stable job which allows me the flexibility to work from home. So does my wife. Not everyone is so lucky. I’ve done a bit of donating over the course of the last week and I intend to do more in the coming days. If you’re able to—and only if you are able to—I encourage you to do the same. As internet folk hero slash best-selling author Shea Serrano ably summed up the current situation, “There’s not going to be good coming out of it, but we can do good.” Amen, Shea. Amen.

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