Your Favorite Blog Is Launching a Newsletter

I suppose that’s probably true for everyone that has a favorite blog because Substack newsletters are now the way that bloggers, i.e. people who want to make a living writing on the internet, are doing just that. I am a fortunate person. Unlike so many writers whose livelihoods depend on their ability to turn their words into currency, I have outside income and I get to do this just for fun.

But the newsletter concept—regular writings that get delivered, in full, to my readers’ inboxes—is intriguing to me. Because our emails have become an extension of ourselves, inviting me into your inbox is substantially more personal than my posting in the wide open of the internet expanse and then directing you to a dot-whatever address. So I’m giving it a spin. You can subscribe today to The Queue, a Songs & Stories newsletter, by going here.

Songs & Stories, the site you’re reading right now, isn’t going anywhere, by the way. I’ll still be here, every Thursday, with the posts you’ve come to expect. The newsletter isn’t a replacement but a compliment. I’ve always enjoyed writing brief pieces about particular songs but I’ve hesitated to do that too much here because there always seems something else to discuss. Why not put all those song stories into newsletter posts? Short, conversational and lightly edited, The Queue will discuss one song at a time, as often as I can write about them. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I hope you’ll join me in seeing how it goes.

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