In light of some of my recent commentary, some have wondered how well my manic beast survived the Fourth of July holiday. Elly survived, of course, though she didn't seem to enjoy the process all that much. What was probably the low point of her weekend came on Saturday night when a series of explosions [...]

The Panic of July

Caitlin and I have two dogs. The younger one is named Jersey and is sweet, affectionate, and great with people and animals alike. This is Jersey: The older one is named Elly. She is terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love Elly unconditionally - I might even love that dog too much for all the [...]

The Move

Due to my inability to satisfactorily convert 19,000 words and seventy-some odd footnotes to a format that would be palatable for this site, I've elected to make my cross-country novella, The Move, available as a readable PDF here. Enjoy!