2014: What I Heard

I'm not above embracing the year-end review trend here at BQDC, so using a series of nonsensical superlatives, let's take a look at the discussion-worthy music that I listened to this year. Without further ado, here's what I heard in 2014. (Note that this list reflects which albums I listened to in 2014, not necessarily which albums were [...]

It’s Easy

A long time ago my musician father taught me that there are two kinds of great bands: great live bands and great studio bands. Being one doesn't necessarily imply or prohibit the other. But when a band is both, it's worth celebrating. Sometimes it's that easy. So when BQDC's spirit-animal-turned-band Gates came through Detroit on Friday, [...]

Bloom & Breathe

Given my ties to the band, I suppose I should start out by saying that I am, obviously, biased in favor of all things Gates. If that's too close a bond for you, that's fine. You're more than welcome to head somewhere else on the internet to read any number of glowing reviews of Bloom [...]