The Foul Deluge

Well, shit. (And, as you'll come to see, I mean that literally.) So a little rainstorm blew through southeast Michigan a few days ago and, in addition to keeping me from my regularly scheduled blogging output, made an already depressing day that much worse. Unable to properly funnel the downpour, sewer systems backed up and streets [...]

No Moms Allowed

It started as a daddy-daughter camping trip back in 1990. My Uncle Jeff and two of his best friends - who had spent a sizable chunk of their younger years hiking and backpacking and camping - took their daughters to a campground on a small inland lake and spent a few days eating and drinking [...]

An Idiot At the Door

Sometimes when I meet strangers I am charming and engaging. Sometimes I am an uncomfortably awkward fool. This is a (true) story about one of those latter instances. ----- On a bright summer day I stood outside of an apartment complex. The building itself was clean and modern, the grass healthy and well manicured. The sun [...]