A Publishing Schedule?

I’m trying something new. Which is really something old. It worked for a while. And then I got tired of it and quit. So here we are again, at the beginning, thinking of starting over.

All of that is nonsense unless you’re me (which you’re not), so let me be more clear:

I’m thinking of using a publishing schedule on this blog – you can see it off to the right. I haven’t used a publishing schedule in the past for this site, opting instead to write and post whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m trying to build up some consistent viewership here, though, and the proverbial they say that posting content on a schedule can help with that.

When I was writing at Type In Stereo I had some success generating a lot of material by sticking to a schedule. I also burned myself out and had to give it up after about six months of churning away at two or more pieces per week.

So here I am again, debating the use of a publishing schedule, wondering if it’ll help or hurt. Do any of you internet mavens out there have any tips or advice on this or any other tools to boost readership?

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