Editor Me

When I review books on this site, I’m generally reviewing them for my own sake. I’m making myself write a book report, basically, in the hopes that doing so will force/allow me to dig deeper into a given work and therefore learn something that betters me as a reader/writer/person.

I’m the only person who works on this site, though. So writer me has to answer to editor me who, when he’s not being lazy, can sometimes be kind of a dick.

“You didn’t provide any citations,” editor me will say. “A quote here would help. And the last paragraph doesn’t even make sense in light of your poorly articulated thesis.”

See? He’s a real pain to work with, always sending me back for more edits, deeper research, and better phrasing. There’s no pleasing him.

It’s his fault that a larger piece about The Lord of the Rings that I’m working on has not yet seen the light of day. All told, the piece isn’t even all that large given the size of that book and the near-infinite number of things that I could say about it. And it’s probably not that good in the end, anyway. But editor me will be damned if it gets published before it’s at least finished. And editors are tough judges of ‘finished.’

So we’ll have to wait at least another day, you and I, for that one to go up. Thanks for your patience.

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