This Week In NFL Incompetence: Week 7 – No One Wants to Cover O.J. Howard

In a week when a player known for doing dumb/dangerous things did a dumb/dangerous thing, when poor grounds management almost blew out some ACLs, and when it took a bizarre weather phenomenon for the NFL to learn where they should put their broadcast cameras, it seems anticlimactic to point to a single play and say, “There! That’s some incompetence, right there.” But, my God, wait until you see this play.

To fully understand what we’re about to watch, you have to understand that being open in the NFL isn’t a binary thing; it’s more of a gradient. There’s “everyday receiver” open, there’s “I’m Julio Jones and I refuse to be covered” open and then there’s “no one is within 10 yards” open. Every once in a generation, there’s one more level and I like to call it “inexplicable, abhorrent, oh my God, how the fuck does an NFL defense even allow that to happen” open. Like this O.J. Howard touchdown catch:

Howard isn’t just open, he’s practically got his own field.

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