List Season is Coming

The year is drawing to a close and taking the decade with it (because, for some reason, we use zero-based numbering for that kind of thing). That means that we’re approaching list season, when every denizen of the internet will bombard the digital void with lists of movies, albums, books and whatever else they have loved best throughout this year and, in many cases, decade.

I have been known to lean into this type of thing.

In addition to the Best Albums of 2019 post that I intend to write, I’ve also started to gather my thoughts on a Best 100 Albums of the Decade list, which promises to be labor intensive to an absolutely appalling degree. And because I have a compulsion to spend stupid amounts of time writing lists that no one but myself is interested in, I’m also in the process of re-ranking my list of the best albums of the aughts.

If you subscribe to this blog then you’re about to be buried in music lists, is I guess what I’m saying. Or you will be once I finish my annual reading of The Lord of the Rings and stop writing about that.

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