Writing Young

Writing Young

A decade ago I sat in a collegiate music composition class and listened to a professor explain how, in order to write a truly great song, it was necessary to hone an idea over and over, fully exploring it and discovering the best way to implement it. Young people, he posited, struggled with this because [...]

The Circular Ruins

The Circular Ruins

Let's just get this out in the open: Part of the reason that I write is that I want to live forever. I am not alone in that feeling. Surveying the members of any creative field will turn up an awful lot of similar sentiment. A brief (and highly unscientific) survey of some of the creative types [...]


As promised, I'm back. BQDC has a new look, a new publishing schedule (or lack thereof) and the same general sense of randomness that you've come to love. Let's see where this goes.


After a furiously productive six months with this site, I'm going to be stepping away from it for a while to focus on some other projects. If you're still interested in joining me for a conversation on books, music and miscellany, follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram where I'll be posting updates on what I'm [...]

How Far We’ve Come

Though BQDC trades primarily in reviews and commentary these days, this site was originally meant to house fiction. My intent was to write short fiction pieces on a weekly basis and post them here. Obviously that never happened. The demands of such prolific fiction production proved to be too much and instead BQDC slowly evolved into [...]

NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

It's over. Finished. Done. National Novel Writing Month has finally ended. [sigh of relief] It's a weird experience, NaNoWriMo, not least of all because it forces you to think about writing as work, an obligation. Maybe that's not the intent of the event, and it's certainly possible that other participants don't feel this way, but [...]

So Much Writing

Here's the thing about NaNo. Well, not the thing, since I already talked about that, but another thing. Oh, I did that already, too? How about another another thing? Alright, then. Another another thing it is. See, as that last paragraph indicates, NaNo makes you kind of crazy. Which I think is counterintuitive. Most people would, [...]

Halfway Home

In my experience, the hardest part of NaNoWriMo - and all writing in general, really - is getting past the endless mental hurdles and simply starting to write, every day. That's it. It's very, very easy to get caught up in all the reasons not to sit down and create new sentences on any given day. And [...]

The End Is Near

Well, not literally. But the end of the year? Yes. Very near, indeed. Which means that it's time to start putting together year-end lists of favorite books and albums, a task that I always intend to fly quickly through only to then spend an inordinate amount of time fussing over. My intent this year is to [...]